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Marina Electrical Equipment
marina electrical equipment
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Complimentary Marina Electrical Designs and Layouts by Marina Electrical Equipment are just another aspect of our dedication to providing the highest quality customer service in the business. Our experienced technical staff can provide professional assistance in creating an economical electrical layout that keeps equipment, wire, and labor costs to a minimum – at no cost or obligation to you. There are no projects too large or too small for us to design and we welcome every opportunity to serve our customers.

All Complimentary Electrical Designs by Marina Electrical Equipment Follow the Most Recent Publication of the National Electric Code®, Article 555, Entitled: “Marinas and Boatyards” or the CSA Standards C22.1-12, Section 78, Entitled: "Marinas, Yacht Clubs, Marine Wharves, Structures, and Fishing Harbours".

Standard Details of Our Designs Include:

  • Power Pedestal Type and Placement
  • Receptacle Sizes
  • Wire and Cable Gauge Sizes
  • Wire and Cable Types
  • Conduit Sizes
  • Substation Placement and Sizes
  • Panelboard Placement and Sizes
  • Transformer Placement and Sizes
  • Safety Switch Placement and Sizes
  • Load Calculations and Requirements
  • Voltage Drop Calculations
  • Electrical Layout Drawing
  • Electrical Single-Line Schematic Drawing

marina electrical equipment
Marina Single-Line Schematic
marina electrical equipment
Marina Electrical Layout


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